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Asakusa! Older, cuter, hotter?

I thought it was something strange when I woke up at six, and it was not my alarm on my new watch this time thank god, because last night I could have strangled it If I only would have found it! No, this time we had forgot the bathroom light on, and yes that might not be a problem if you live bigger then 14 squaremeters but here, with 2cm space under the door, it lights up the whole room!

Going back to sleep, because the jetlag is just never going away, we woke up at 11.00Am and thats it! You CAN´T sleep longer then that, not even at your vacation! Up, trying to find some clothes and yeah thats right, I only packed Maybe I need to wash soon:)
Well, digging around I get some clothes, looking smashing as ever (^-*) we go out for brunch and we pick Café the Crie today! Nice sandwishes and earlgreay it is! Today Asakusa is where we will go. A much older district with the Sensojitemple.

Just before the temple area you walk through the ThunderGate and then you have a tourists wet dream! 150 stands selling good-for-nothing and ofcourse gorgeous souvenires! Then, after trying some delicious snacks and buying some cute souvenires, you are entering this huge temple area!
Alot of people are here, and first of all we go and try to get good fortune. You shake this tin-can, wishing for something, and then a stick comes out with a number! Infront of you there is many small boxes and you get out the one with the same number.
And guess what! I got……….BAD fortune! A fire are burning that I cant put out and there is a river but no boat for me to crossing. My fortune will not come through! BUT the good thing is that you can fold the paper of the fortune and tie it around a specific place to leave the bad fortune there!

During my vacation here in Tokyo I will not report as much of all the fashion I see because..Im on a vacation and my boyfriend are with me and we are doing other things.. But I have been in 109 Shibuya (ofcourse) where the mecka of Shibuya girls is! Its just so mucg, so loud, so kawaii, so much brilliant, exciting, gorgeous small items, fashion-socks and more more more so I could just blog about that whole building my entire stay!
I will get more pictures of cute fashion later, promise, but for now Im just walking around, enjoying myself beeing back here again!:)

So, my hotel-lan is just so slow so you can watch more pictures at my Facebook.

Tonight, we will hit the club eleven who is on Tokyos top-10 list over clubbing!
It will be saiko (crazy)!:)


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