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I ♥ shoes!


These darlings I have found at a store in Linköping, Sweden called DNA

Today Im going to work abit before start because I need to try out My Music at our DJ-studio before all the students come and kick me out;)

Also, today, I will give My dj-students a special surprise\(^o^)/ If you want to know what it is you better show up at
Skylten Livehouse in Linköping, Sweden at 18.00 today(^_-)

Manga Dj – Miss M I Am


Yesterday I had My first DJ-lesson at My Livehouse by one of our great students, Frida Hugo!
She will help me prepair for My first gig at Halloween where I will be Manga DJ!

So now, Im counting beats in every song on My playlist on the train to work(*^_^*)
What anime song should I play at Halloween? Im thinking Blood+


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