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Fashion Week and consert

I told you right, that I spent my hole weekend in Harajuku at La Foret.. because there is FASHION WEEK here! ❤
So much and just soo little money.. so much time and soo much great stuff and its an autumf fair now in this great departmentstore with 5 floor with sugoi fashion! I almost bought this super expensive legwrmers (?) just because this gorgeous japanese salesgirl was talking to me and we had a conversation all in Japanese and she was just so sweet and said my nihongo was great 😉

But no, I didnt in the end, thank god though I just cant afford it to be honest!
Well, I saw two fashionshows and alot of crazy things these days and just had a blast! Then I´ve tried to have a relaxed week (not study though, I study more intense then ever) but moneywise! I cook (?) more in the guesthouse now and that is good.. well the food isnt really oishii (delicious) but its good not to eat out all the time ne! 😉

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to a concert with Bamei, my Thaiwanese friend, and it was great! The live-house was really similary to my work but the stage was bigger and ALOT more lights and better soundsystem;) It was Takeshi birthday so in the end of the gig, when he had left the stage, we took out glowsticks and started screaming ””! Finally he came back in and everybody at the audience (300-400 people) was singing Happy Birthday and waved their glowing stick:) Awesome ❤

Here are some pics from my week here!

A littel help onegai!

Hi my wonderful new followers (and older ones ofcourse)!
I got myself an infection in my tonge and had to seperat myself from my piercing which Ive had since 10 years back! I know it may seem stupid to cry over this but its been there through some very important times in my life and now I feel an emptyness I havnt for a long time!

But to fulfill that emptyness I listen to music and I have some great swedish bands I want to support and if you could help me find these guys some gigs I would be more than happy!

Preferebly in Japan but otherwise is fine to! Would just be sweet to help them get their music out there.

I <3 festivals

I justweekends in Tokyo! So this weekend, I went with two friends to Yoyogi park and there, surprise, was a Brazilian Day festival! How about that! I just love that you can just stumble in to a festival while walking around in your favourite district (Shibuya).

Well, actually, we arrived around 7 and then it was kind of over, but still alot of people and food stands left! We hanged around for a while and then we went to Shimokitazawa!
Such a gorgeous little place with all these narrow streets and small shops and Izakayas everywhere!

I just love how there is always something to do and places to see and people to meet!
A lovely start of this weekend and the last train home was not as packed either (^-^)

Sunday I studied for a bit, then I went to Shibuya and walked up to Yoyogi park and the Brazilian Day festival was still going on! I looked at these capoeira-dancers (together with several houndred more) and all of a sudden, there is a drum-sound that echoes through the festival and people start to move to one specific place which ofcourse I do to! And there it was, a group of drummers, starting drumming away to a great beat as they drum they slowly walk their way ahead through the crowd. First of all I have never seen so many brazilian people before in Tokyo and second I have never seen so many Japanese guys shake their buts before! I joined in and started move to the beat as well and it was a great and happy feeling being a part of this happening!

Beers, foods on sticks, slushies and but-shaking! what is there not to enjoy!
After a pineapple-slushy and sausage-on-a-pin and some dancing in the crowd I was pleased and went back to Komazawa before the sky opened up and a heavy rain washed over the sparkeling light and drumming beat that ended one of several festivals in Yoyogi Park!

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