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Hacienda & Chinatown

So I have told you before that I love weekends in Tokyo, and this Weekend was as good as ever! Here are some pictures to describe it♥

Saturday 土曜日

20130428-115837 em.jpg
Yoyogi Park

20130428-115920 em.jpg
Shoe shopping in Harajuku

20130429-120043 fm.jpg
Ironman 3, 3D @TOHO Cinema in Shibuya

Sunday 日曜日

20130429-120353 fm.jpg

20130429-120410 fm.jpg
Hacienda festival @Oiso (21 degrees outside)

20130429-120535 fm.jpg

20130429-120608 fm.jpg

20130429-120648 fm.jpg
Ken Ishii

20130429-120825 fm.jpg
Yutaka-san☆, Johan & Me @Hacienda

20130429-120936 fm.jpg
James Zabiela
So frickin awesome!!*\(^o^)/*

20130429-121130 fm.jpg
Peter Hook, the man who is the founder of Hacienda!

20130429-121351 fm.jpg

20130429-121406 fm.jpg
Sunset over Oiso with Fuji-sama in the background!

20130429-121541 fm.jpg
And last Afrojack!
And its only 20.00(o^^o)

20130429-121658 fm.jpg
Yokohama by night! We thank and bless Yutaka for this day! So very kind and awesome friend!
At last, before going home to Shibuya we got to see, and eat, at Chinatown.. (Biggest in the world)

20130429-121931 fm.jpg

20130429-121949 fm.jpg

20130429-122012 fm.jpg
Thank you and good night!

Travel in Tokyo 2: StreetGyaru style

Last I dropped you of at Starbucks in Tsutaya at Shibuya!

After a frappuchino, looking out on Hachiko Crossing and the fashion madness, lets walk out on Senta-gai.
This, My fellow StreetGyaru’s, is just the worst place for your wallet. Shops after shops after small foodplaces after shops. Mixed together with departmentstores like Loft
, Forever 21, Uniqlo, OIOI.
And this is just a small bit of treets for you.

Strolling further, we will come to
Spain Hill.
Ah this great street where you also can eat and treat yourself to shoes, chlothes, accessories!! ♥

Out from Spain Hill you get up on a street with 3 PARCO shopping malls!
And yes, they are abit Posh but walking to the right, rounding the corner to the left PARCO has a nice museum you should look into!

After some shopping and StreetGyaru feeling, you need some other sights.
Out from PARCO just follow the street straight up and finally you will reach Yoyogi Park!

If you are in Shibuya, or Harajuku on a weekend, dont miss Yoyogi flea market that comes with different themes, Aisian market, India Market, French market and lots lots more! There is alot of foodstands when you feel your suger is dropping. Dont forget to bring something to sit on. You can buy that in every Conbini (convinientstore).

Aki Akane – My first Japanese distribution

So, I’m booked to have a 30min lecture about the phenominon Aki Akane!
Do you know her?

She is a 21 year old girl that has become a superstar in Tokyo through their version of Youtube, Niconico, and from her illustrations you can see at pixiv and at her musicvideos.

This Sunday, 9th, I will be at AsianFestival in Stockholm and the place is ÖstAsiatiska Museet at 14.30.
I hope you can come and the cost is 60SEK.
There will be alot to listen to and see and try this day and I will sell CD’s from Aki Akane as well(^^)




London baby – more tips

Hi, hello and Hey(o^^o)
So, more great tip to YOU who want to experience the London of vintage, bohemian, crazy and with a touch of Japan…. Ofcourse;)

Todays No.1)
Camden street market
You go by Northern line (black) to Camden Town and pow!! There you are, in the center of a hurricane(*^_^*)

Small crazy shops everywhere with amazingly loads of… lets just say everything!
T-shirt stands, arts, vinyles (someone got thrilled), cellphone covers, bags and fooooood! Oh My God! Delish everywhere. I dont know what it is but I always get so hungry when Im abroad?
Back home I can go a whole day without eating but here! I can eat ALL THE TIME;)

2) Cyberdog
I just LOVE crazy stores and jup, in Camden I found one of the best!
Imagin you are going out on a raveparty, but its daytime and instead of a dansfloor there is glow-in-the-dark shelves with furry futuristic pieces of clothes and instead of a bar, a registre with glow-in-the-dark skulls and makeup! I bought ledbaloons♡



London baby

London ♡ oh My god!
I didnt know! So close to Sweden and with Ryan Air fairly cheap there is a city full of surprises(o^^o)

Dont get me wrong, Tokyo is My Love, but its nice to know somewhere close but yet soo nice:)

My cousine, bless him, lives at Bacon street JUST by Brick Lane!
This street is just amazing☆

Here is My travelguide for you that dont just want to see BigBen and so on:

1) Vintage Emporium
This might be the most genuine vintage café place in the world! A lovely couple owns this place which takes you back to the 20th century in old England.
The small café is crammed with furniture from amazing ages and they serve the best Yoghurt and müsli I have ever tasted as breakfast! They also have 3 dogs that comes in three sizes and blend right in♡

Donwnstaires in the basement they have a vintage shop. The most delightful place with rare items and gorgeous hats! I fell in love and bought myself a darling English vintage hat from the 40s. The owners are collectors so they have such love for each item!





2) Brick Lane
How can I have missed this street before? Here you have small vintage shops in all sizes together with foodcorners, street art everywhere and so many cool stylish people and their fashion. Upper half is all shopping and further down is lots of Indian restaurant!
On syndays this whole street becames a market!! Just lovely♡


3) Soho – Carnaby street
Well, while I have left My darling in the Vinyl district of Soho, I walk around and end up in paradise!
Carnaby street is like a shopping dream for me:) There is Make Up Store, Monki, Cheap Monday, MUJI & IRREGULARE!

These shoes My dear readers are not just shoes! They are artwork! I tried on every single pair they had (almost, poor staff) and finally I bought a pair that will match My new hat(*^_^*)

The Green ones are mine!


I will hit you with more tips later but now, work is calling!

TokiFashion – NärCon: MiraiNikki

This girl is cosplaying Gasai Yuno, 14 years old, from the anime of
Future Diary (未来日記, Mirai Nikki).
A kind of new anime that is about a Battle Royal, to kill or to be killed!

Im really intrigued about this new (for me) anime and I will make sure to see/read it!



TokiFashion – NärCon: AnjelicPretty

This girl is Nike and she is 18 years old and just love love love Anjelic Pretty.
Her style is Fairy Kei and I just love her whole outfit with the pretty wig!






This girl is Fanny, 18 years old, from Stockholm.
She is cosplaying Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
She just love her and a friend introduced her to Vocaloid one year ago. She also like Japanese fashion, the language and wants to go there someday! She likes beeing at convention to meet people and friends.




Vocaloid ♡

I have just spent 5 days in Borlänge in Sweden on our biggest Music Festival and what more can I say then OMG – I want to be a producer/dj/drummer/singer/band/artist

Im just SO inspired now so what I did after getting back home is to download a free edition of Vocaloid 1.

Have u tried it? Its so much fun(*^^*)
Hatsune Miku you might know!

The whole idea about her is Amazing!
I got some CDs from My friend in Tokyo and she also know the dj of Hatsune Miku, how cool is that(^O^☆♪

So download and try it out!

You should always be as big as your dreams!

Meeting with a supermodel in IRL

I love destiny!
When it feels like things happend for à reason!
Just this week for instance, when Im at an International music conference, Trigger, at the center of Swedens biggest Music festival Peace & Love.

There I am, sitting together with the biggest names in the Music bransch, with Seymore Stain – the one who signed Madonna and Depeche Mode.

And there she is: Anina, a model with a passion for technology
She is a top model living in China, and have won the “oscar” for beeing Chinas biggest International model in 2009.
She has been featured in L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, AMICA, MARIE CLAIRE, IO DONNA, HARPER’S BAZAR, and worked with world renowned fashion photographers such as Javier Valhonrath, Fabrizio Ferri, Toni Meneguzzo, and Walter Chin.

When she enters the stage after all these suites from the Music business, she looks like a beautiful and fragile flower, but when she start talking.. I get goosbumps all over just to think about it. Her energy, her passion and her believes in technology with fashion and Music blows My mind.

Download her App Anina Dress Up and 360Fashion for a new, more exciting world.

I know I will do my best to try as hard as she when it comes to Toki100%.



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