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Hacienda & Chinatown

So I have told you before that I love weekends in Tokyo, and this Weekend was as good as ever! Here are some pictures to describe it♥

Saturday 土曜日

20130428-115837 em.jpg
Yoyogi Park

20130428-115920 em.jpg
Shoe shopping in Harajuku

20130429-120043 fm.jpg
Ironman 3, 3D @TOHO Cinema in Shibuya

Sunday 日曜日

20130429-120353 fm.jpg

20130429-120410 fm.jpg
Hacienda festival @Oiso (21 degrees outside)

20130429-120535 fm.jpg

20130429-120608 fm.jpg

20130429-120648 fm.jpg
Ken Ishii

20130429-120825 fm.jpg
Yutaka-san☆, Johan & Me @Hacienda

20130429-120936 fm.jpg
James Zabiela
So frickin awesome!!*\(^o^)/*

20130429-121130 fm.jpg
Peter Hook, the man who is the founder of Hacienda!

20130429-121351 fm.jpg

20130429-121406 fm.jpg
Sunset over Oiso with Fuji-sama in the background!

20130429-121541 fm.jpg
And last Afrojack!
And its only 20.00(o^^o)

20130429-121658 fm.jpg
Yokohama by night! We thank and bless Yutaka for this day! So very kind and awesome friend!
At last, before going home to Shibuya we got to see, and eat, at Chinatown.. (Biggest in the world)

20130429-121931 fm.jpg

20130429-121949 fm.jpg

20130429-122012 fm.jpg
Thank you and good night!

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