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Travel in Tokyo: StreetGyaru style

There is all types of guides where to go when you are in Japan, but why not listen to someone that is more like you, that has lived there twice and know her way around?
Let’s travel StreetGyaru wise

First of all: Tokyo has about 130 million people so NO there is not “one” city in this over-the-top-huge city!

In Tokyo you should try and book a hotel/motel/holiday in around the
JR Yamanote Line

This line is like a cirkel that takes you to a bunch of the very best sightseeing in Tokyo!
Buy a SUICA card for a better Japanese and StreetGyaru way which means you just follow the flow with people BUT you can use different ways of keeping your card at hands. Me, I have a Penguin from 6%DOKIDOKI



On the Yamanote Line you have:
Shibuya – walk up Hachiko Exit and you will step out to the bussiest intersektion in the world, which might feel overly crowded but if you cross the intersektion (and yes, pick up your camera and film/take photo of this “real” StreetGyaru Tokyo!

For the best view, take a latte at Starbucks on the second floor of Tsutaya

(the building with the naked girl)
and watch the crazyness happend every Red/Green light in the best city in the World! ♥Tokyo♥

More StreetGyaru guidlines will come!

Back In Reality

Its amazing how much you can manage to do in two weeks!
But as you can see in some bars downtown in Shibuya for instance where it says that they close at
29am! (o^^o)
There you have it, they have more hours in a day in the land of the rising sun!

I will give you some treats for now about what we did this very exciting trip! I really ♡ to meet My friends from all over the world again that lives there.

Then ofcourse clubbing!!
Johan got 2 gigs in Tokyo this time (Yutaka-san と Aya-san ありがとうございます!)
At Bar Jam and Ensof Tokyo

Both great places, really!

Then ofcourse, a visit to We Language School and seeing My dear teachers!

Then My dear followers, shopping!
109 Shibuya
Here you have everything your inner girl could ever want!
moohoop and SBY is something I really should recommend(^_−)−☆

Other than that! Harajuku ofcourse is a place I always visit and Spinns スピンス is a new favourit♡!

Here you have some pix and じゃあ また!







La foret Fashion Week 2011!

Minna-san, gomene!
I havnt been good updating you on what is happening here, but its mostly study study study!
But this friday-sunday I have a holiday and what is excellent is that its FASHION WEEK!
La Foret
, a huge departmentstore in Harajuku,  has a Fashion Week that ends this weekend!
I went there on Friday and yesterday (Saturday) and today I will just leave soon to go there again!

LaForet Museum (up on the 6th floor) has a venue that alot of different shops, companies, artfairs is holding exibition and stuff, and for this week there is Autumn Fairs and markets up there together with a stage and yesterday there was a live interview with Kyari Pamyu Pamyu who is a fashion blogger in Japan and super kawaii! I know her from before and Facebook and also because Sebastian Masuda, the owner of
6%DOKIDOKI, has helped direct and style her musicvideo PONPONPON.

I acctually understood alot of the interview which Im very happy about! My japanese lessons are really paying of:)
After that, and alot of japanese girls screaming KAWAII there was a fashionshow and allthese super sweet girls that are photomodells in alot of fashion magazines in Japan where entering the stage and walked the catwalk that was just on the floor dividing the crowd of wxcited teen-japanese girls screaming!

After that crazy experience there was a concert and what can I say! I love my weekends in Tokyo!

Now I need to hurry to Harajuku because n.Nauto will have a fashionshow which I would LOVE to see! And also its the last day of fashion week so I need to look aroun and MAYBE get something 😉

Matane ❤

Somedays are up and somedays they go down!

Oh Im sorry, gomenazai, but I have just been picking my brain for the two last days because I have a test tomorrow (Thursday)!
Its my second one and this time its totemo muzukashi dest (very difficult) and mostely I think it is because its IN JAPANESE!

No, Im only kidding:)
But its on 7 new chapters and it IS in Japanese and 7 new chapters in 2 weeks is alot to cope with and my brain just want to deal with all new facts and not push any more stuff in there for a day or maybe a week (0-0)

Well, yesterday I was like a mad woman and after picking my brain (and apparently my hair to though when I looked myself in the mirror I had created some kind of afro-hairstyle) I was soo tired!
I had got some hilarious videoclips from my darling and you know when you are tired on the edge of crying or laughing at EVERYTHING! Well I picked the last one and just couldnt stop laughing for a long time! Such a relief!

I really needed that after I had a really shitty day the day before!
This time of year seemes to be hard and I always get stressed out and knowing that its less then a month until my moms 5 year aniversary for when she passed away is doesnt help! You can feel so small and so alone sometimes, even in a city like Tokyo!

I just had to get alot out of my system and I certanly did this Tuesday!

Well, whatever happens tomorrow on the test, I know I tried my best with all the hard work I put in to those books these couple of days!

This is a look I really like! One of many here is the glorious life the Tokyo-gaijin!

Weekend in Tokyo:1

Weekends in Tokyo! How can you not like them.
This Saturday and Sunday there was a SriLanka festival in Yoyogi park.
The same place where I went to that Brazilian one.
Alot of food stands, omiyage (souveniers), people and music!
On stage there was a performance of what I guess was a kind of famous man “singing” and all these bollywood dancers where entering the stage in beautiful dresses and dances and “sings” with him in these ballads. Why I do “this” is because Im not sure they are singing or just mime to the lyrics in the song (^¨^) Either way its fun watching! AND the food is oishii desu!

After the festival, because it ended at 7pm, I went to a potlock party my school arranged for all their students, Japanese as well as gaijins (foreigners). Everyone brings something to eat and you get alot of different stuff to nibble on during your mingle session, and you who knows me KNOWS that Im a proffessional mingler (‘-‘)

It was great, some new friends to hook up with and everything ended at 10.20pm. the night was still young so I hooked up with some friends at an Izakaya (bar) and after some drinks and alot of laughs we went to rock west, listening to one of my friends friend DJ:ing and its really a great place and the people Im with is so funny and we ended up dancing barefoot  on the floor. I came back home around 04.00am and with a bright  yet tired smile I crashed in my bed!

The shop-o-holic returns

I cant hold it in anymore!
Its eating me from inside, this overwhelming, restless feeling that just want to be unleashed!
I wasnt strong enough and today I let my gard down and let me be sucked in to its sparkeling shimmer. Im talking of the shop-o-holic!

You may laugh at this but that just proved that you never have been under its spell!
You may love shopping but a shop-o-holic just gets sucked in to the endorfine that arouse when you have bought something new!
The first time I let it out was 4 years ago my first time in Tokyo and I have been really good for almost 5 weeks but today I couldnt! There is just to many kawaii things!!!

I just HAD to have those earrings.. just look at them! Kirei ne!
And a white top is always good to have, and a striped one and one with these cute little bows on it! And a okii (big) wallet is just a must ans ofcourse Anna Sui stockings!

The clothes are from ANAP and they were on SALE just for your information! (Oh who am I kidding..)

Do I even need to tell you that all this was kaidesu (bought) in Shibuya ❤

AND today after a very intense day in school I met Mai-san! My exchange partner from We.

We ate donburi at yosuya (ricebowls with topping…oishii.. delicious and only 35 SEK =400Yen)

Now Im back and I have cleaned my room and now I will eat, be ridiciously happy of my new things and watch a movie! (^_^)

Mata ne

White wonders/ sock of the day

This time in Tokyo I will not get as crazy as I use to!
I know, why not. Where in the entire world would you want to go totally bananas if not in t-town! The very mother of crazyness in a fashion-kind of way! So I thought “Nah, ***k it ” and will totally go bananas again! Who says age has something to do with anything (except me in my sweet little head of mine every day).  WELL, even if I will twist and turn over every penny… or yen.. I go to get these crazy stuff Im thinking I should try something! And something in Tokyo 2011 is white.

You know, white for me has never really been an option really when going out shopping. Ive had a black period for ages during end just after highschool and colourful periods where I just walk around dipped in every colour of the rainbow feeling bubbely and cheerful about life!
But this time, this time in life! Just befor I hit a certain age I want to try white! Especially here in the best city in the world where white is not just white! Its soft, creamy, dusty, twinkely, jummy, shiny, crazy, romantic, cool yet sweet at the same time! I LOVE WHITE!

Soo, today Im showing of some items I bought in this theme!
Even the sock of the day is in this beautiful colour and its really Tokyo-white!

And after class today I went to this very elegant, thats another word for explaining white here, café with white couches, white linnen and sparkeling white chandeliere and I felt like beeing in a magazine! I could only wish that someone took a snapshot of me then and there to put up at a website so others could understand the greatness of Tokyo-white;)

Tomorrow I have a day off so we will see what new wonders of white I will find then!


Friends to live for

Sundays are my favourite day in Tokyo!
There´s something magical in a way I can hardly describe and today was no different!
The air is crisp, the people dressed for going to a temple or maybe just coming back from one and the neon glows through the light rain.
Today I will meet a very lovely friend of mine that I got introduced to in 2007 when I was here for the first time!
She has been very dear to me ever since and she have lived in europe for a couple of years now.. or is it more?

The funny thing is that she is back in Tokyo for just a few days and so we meet again, where we first became friends!
We spent the whole day together in Harajuku. The place to be a Sunday in this city!
Walking around, windowshopping but no real shopping…yet! Need to try and hold back cos I will be here for some time.
There is so many kawaii shops and the best ones is in the backstreets of Harajuku, urahara. This is so unique, all these little shops, and I just find the most delighted things I feel in my very beeing I have to have! But later.

We are eating cheap at a japanese restaurang today and its soo oishii and so japanese that i cant be other than happy!
And to sit here, in Harajuku, eating great food with a friend that I have missed so much.. on a Sunday.. is just pure happiness:)

She is 25 and turned really stylished! When I first met her I was 25 and totally crazy with fashion..haha!
Its so nice to talk alot again and remember all the fun things we had here and all the people we met.

She´s leaving tomorrow and we say goodbye around 9pm and her last train to Narita Airport will go around 11pm.
The wind is cool in my face when I walk up from the underground and with my red pen-skirt, purple fishnet-stockings and turqouis platform shoes I walk slowly home in a Tokyo getting darker and turning right in to my narrow street of the corner of the hawaiian restaurant Tsunami!

Life is sweet and tomorrow waits another beautiful, exciting day at Shibuya.

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I woke up with a great feeling in my body today!
Its genuine happiness I feel for today I will walk around in Shibuya and meet up with yuko, my very sweet friend that are here for some days!
The weather is so nice and cool now and Its lovely to walk around outside!
First stopping by “My English” (a english class for Japanese students) and It was really great!
Todays topic was about alcohol-traditions in different countries.
After class I got a present and I was so surprised:) It was an origami-note thanking me for being at this class today.
Just sweethearts at my school!

After school I met up with Yuko, and what I just love the most in this city is that there is always something going on!
Today, I walked up to Yoyogi Koen and there it was this festival! B-Boy Park 2011 or what it says on the backdrop;)
But still, soo nice with all these food-stands selling alot of oishi food and DJs playing at this stage and also dance battle!
Alot of people in a good mood this Saturday! What can I say more than that happiness really suites this day!

Because I feel all sparkeling today I had to take a picture of my 6%DOKIDOKI items I got going in to their shop earlier this week!
I really hope to get a meeting with them and tell them about Toki100%!

So what do you like this items? Would you call this feeling happiness?:)


TGIF in Shibuya






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