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Kiyomizu dera tempel

Just one more tempel (thank you Yutaka) that I need to tell you about, then I shut Up and move back to Shibuya and shopping(^◇^)

Kiyomizu dera, Kyoto
Soo beautiful and breathtaking!
And you dont need a bus if you have Functional legs. The walk is gorgeous as well!!
Look here..

20130504-071058 em.jpg

20130504-071110 em.jpg

20130504-071124 em.jpg

20130504-071133 em.jpg

20130504-071153 em.jpg

20130504-071202 em.jpg

20130504-071215 em.jpg

I just say it was a Halleluja moment!

Kyoto day 1 – Rakuza

We have landed in Kyoto and I just say すごい*\(^o^)/*!

Some temple, to breath the fresh air and consume the culture and then to our guesthouse Rakuza

20130430-094058 em.jpg

20130430-094200 em.jpg

Here is some photos that will help you prepare your futon:

20130430-094356 em.jpg

20130430-094419 em.jpg

20130430-094430 em.jpg

20130430-094443 em.jpg

20130430-094457 em.jpg

20130430-094510 em.jpg

20130430-094523 em.jpg

Hope this helped you!
Now, sleepy;)

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