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Köp en tavla! Buy an illustration!

Vill du köpa en tavla av Aki Akane på NärCon Vinter?

Ta kort på den tavla du vill köpa och lägg ut den på Toki100 tillsammans med ditt Facebook namn!

Gilla sidan så är du med i en tävling om att vinna en tavla!


Do you want to buy an illustration from Aki Akane at NärCon Winter?

Then post a picture of the one you like on Toki100 together with your FB name.

If you like the page then you will be able to win an illustration! \(^o^)/

Aki Akane @ NärCon Vinter


Im so excited to be able to show Aki Akanes illustration at NärCon Vinter 22nd of February until 24th.

I hope all of you 1000 people that got tickets to be happy about her art and YES you can buy them if you want to bring something great back as a memory from NärCon Vinter 2013.

See you there*\(^o^)/*


NärCon Vinter

Now its time again!

Aki Akane will be showing her illustrations at NärCon Vinter!

NärCon is the biggest Convention for Japanese popculture/games in the North. Their summerevent where I would have shown Aki Akanes work (but by some incidents didnt) had about 3500 visitors (which is really alot in Sweden)!

This is the first time they have NärCon Winter edition (an all indoor-convent) but people love it and 1000 tickets are sold!

22nd-24th of February, hope to see you there!!


NärCon – Macross Frontier

This supercute (すごいかわいい) girl is 14 years old and cosplay a character from Macross Frontier
That you can see on her delicious Green hair♡

Her name is Rebecca and she is from Karlstad in Sweden and this is her second time at NärCon!
She likes free hugs, the juicebar and Nauruto!

I think she is just totally jummy and cool at the same time(*^_^*)



TokiFashion – NärCon: Cool Pandas

These two cool girls are Maria and Lovisa and they are 17 and 18 years old. They have travelled from Gothenburg, Sweden, to be at NärCon their second year in a row.

Maria (to the right) is more of a fan of cute manga which is the opposite of Lovisa who is more of the dark and bloody type (o^^o)

Brands they like is Hell Bunny and Black Milk.

Today they wear what they “usually” wear and all I can say is すごいかわいい!☆





TokiFashion – NärCon: Companion Cube

This girl is Karolin Tengblad, 18 years old, and lives in Jönköping, Sweden.
She has been to NärCon before and enjoy meeting new friends, the shops and the atmosfear.

She is cosplaying a Companion Cube from a computer game she really likes!
I just had to take her picture where se stood in line for some food(o^^o)



TokiFashion – NärCon: MiraiNikki

This girl is cosplaying Gasai Yuno, 14 years old, from the anime of
Future Diary (未来日記, Mirai Nikki).
A kind of new anime that is about a Battle Royal, to kill or to be killed!

Im really intrigued about this new (for me) anime and I will make sure to see/read it!



TokiFashion – NärCon: Kigurumi

This かわいい (kawaii) girl is Alexandra, 15 years old and this is her first time at NärCon! She have travelled from Stockholm to meet new people, shop and get inspired.
She wears a devil kigurumi
Its like a onepiece but way cuter and jummy! And she is such a gorgeous girl so I just had to take a snapshot!

Does anyone know the animation her kigurumi is from?




TokiFashion – NärCon: AnjelicPretty

This girl is Nike and she is 18 years old and just love love love Anjelic Pretty.
Her style is Fairy Kei and I just love her whole outfit with the pretty wig!






This girl is Fanny, 18 years old, from Stockholm.
She is cosplaying Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
She just love her and a friend introduced her to Vocaloid one year ago. She also like Japanese fashion, the language and wants to go there someday! She likes beeing at convention to meet people and friends.




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