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Toki100 Closet Sale – StreetGyaru Style

What do you do when you can no longer find anything (or the things you want) in your closet?

You have a Closet Sale*\(^o^)/*
Make someone happy shopping from your amazing wardrobe.

This Sunday I had a Closet Sale at My place. I made an event on Facebook and had a showroom with all and everything I bought through the years and travels to Japan!

20130904-030856 em.jpg

20130904-030918 em.jpg

20130904-030947 em.jpg

20130904-031000 em.jpg

20130904-031034 em.jpg

20130904-031045 em.jpg

20130904-031101 em.jpg

20130904-031118 em.jpg

20130904-031130 em.jpg

20130904-031138 em.jpg

Happy shoppers and a happy me with more space to fill on My next trip to the land of My ♥

Try you to! Make someone smile^o^

Back in Tokyo #5

OMG Im back!*\(^o^)/*
Im back for the 5th time in my beloved Tokyo and one really good part this time is that we are staying in SHIBUYA!
(you know; Hachiko, Hachiko Crossing, Centa Gai, 109..)

20130425-114408 em.jpg
The trip took all and all 14h and when you already have a jetlag from NYC where I were just one week before this trip and add 7h to that, I now have 14h jetlag(°_°)
No wonder I slept for 14h the first night^_−☆.

We have been here now for 3 days (and have 18 more to go*\(^o^)/*やった!

Some shops I think you shouldn’t miss while you are here in wonderland is;
(Got this earing there today!)

20130425-115157 em.jpg

Anna Sui (yes I know it might sound expensive but the ¥ is so good right now so I this year is the first time in 6 years since I first visited Tokyo that I could afford it!!!) pics will come.

Yes I have a strange love for this store and brand but its just so sweet and crazy + you will meet Vani in person when you walk in the store and she is in alot of TokyoFashion snaps from Harajuku!!

I got alot from there but more pics come later(o^^o)

20130426-120009 fm.jpg

20130426-120018 fm.jpg

20130426-120025 fm.jpg

Now, Im going to eat some たこやき and sleep sweet dreams in the best city in the world♥

20130426-120256 fm.jpg

StreetGyaru Fashion

StreetGyaru – Miss M I Am




I ♥♥♥ To be… “not in my 20s” and still buy a crazy pink delicious wig!
If you feel the same, check out this site which is a pretty good price if you ask me and its fast AND when you get it you just smile, and when you try it on you just keep on smiling (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I also love what you can do with makeup! This crazy/lovely work is done by MakeUpStore.
If you have it near where you live, give away or go and get yourself a makeuptreat. For about 60£ you get someone that shows you how to put on a party or “normal” makeup and for that money you also get to buy makeup for it all!!*\(^o^)/*

I just had a photoshoot for a magazine
and Im excited of the results(^_^)☆

Travel in Tokyo: StreetGyaru style

There is all types of guides where to go when you are in Japan, but why not listen to someone that is more like you, that has lived there twice and know her way around?
Let’s travel StreetGyaru wise

First of all: Tokyo has about 130 million people so NO there is not “one” city in this over-the-top-huge city!

In Tokyo you should try and book a hotel/motel/holiday in around the
JR Yamanote Line

This line is like a cirkel that takes you to a bunch of the very best sightseeing in Tokyo!
Buy a SUICA card for a better Japanese and StreetGyaru way which means you just follow the flow with people BUT you can use different ways of keeping your card at hands. Me, I have a Penguin from 6%DOKIDOKI



On the Yamanote Line you have:
Shibuya – walk up Hachiko Exit and you will step out to the bussiest intersektion in the world, which might feel overly crowded but if you cross the intersektion (and yes, pick up your camera and film/take photo of this “real” StreetGyaru Tokyo!

For the best view, take a latte at Starbucks on the second floor of Tsutaya

(the building with the naked girl)
and watch the crazyness happend every Red/Green light in the best city in the World! ♥Tokyo♥

More StreetGyaru guidlines will come!

My livehouse

I woke up this morning with the sun shining in! Its a blue sky and birds sing (not only My two birds) but the wildlife out there!

Today is a day for fashion!
A grey jumpsuite from My dear friend at Twentyeight Days Into September
I got it for My 30th bday!
I could LIVE in this, so incredible soft and cool as hell;)
With it I got earrings from My beautiful friend Emelie that got them from
Urband Outfitters.
Long feathers, soo きれいね!
I Will get you some pixs later, promise!
Now Im of to work and tonight I have à laungeparty for ThursdayBeat!
It mens that every Thursday between 15-21 we will have à live act on our new Cafe stage! (^O^)/

またね みんなさん!

Last weekend in Tokyo.. for this time

Pre-Halloween in Tokyo

Tokyo Halloween

Im sorry Im writing this so late, but I need to tell you about my last weekend in Tokyo before reality and my trip back to Sweden takes ahold of me. The picture above is from my Sayonara party! I had it together with my darling friend Bameis birthday party.
A funny note; tanyoubi, which means birthday in japanse has a funny meaning, which ofcourse is congratulations for being born BUT also sayonara because you get departured from your mother. SO, this collaboration of Birthday party and Sayonara party went under the name TANYOUBI PARTY! ❤

This was the weekend before Halloween but I really love dress out/up so we had a pre-halloween theme and I was one from the Night of the living dolls.

The evening started 7pm in Roppongi at OZ CAFE

tanyoubi party

Bamei Tanyoubi party

then we ended up at HEARTLAND around 11pm


Emma with manga-girl

(which is a place for gaijins, that means loud drunk forigners that wants to score with Japanese girls)

then fast away to another bar I don´t remember the name of until 2.30am

Bar in Roppongi

Bar in Roppongi

and then to Shimokitazawa to a very small, gorgeous, wonderful little sidewalk izakaya where we hanged out until 5am and my first morning train went back home to Komazawa.

Shimokita hangout

Izakaya at Shimokita


Izakaya in Shimokita

A SUGOI evening/night/morning with wonderful friends!

I slept 3 hours and then up and away to Shinjuku for photoshoot with NANA EMMA that studies fashion design, and I got to wear clothes from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD! Do you know the manga/anime NANA? I wear the same jacket as her! So awesome! (^ ^)


NANA animation + Vivienne Westwood jacket

photoshoot vivienne westwood

Photoshoot Vivienne Westwood jacket

What a surreal day!

Then studygroup in Shimokita at my friend Sams place and then VIP-party at Roppongi Hills at Grand Hyatt.
Tokyo International Film Festival was this week and I was invited of my former workplace ShortShorts Film Festival
to celebrate this amazing animator and the Animations made out of his short stories and life,


Tatsumi - a legendary mangaka


Shibuya <3

Shibuya by night! I just want you to understand what it is I see everyday and what makes me happy here in Tokyo! Just to bee and look around me! This is taken from Hachiko Crossing!


Today It was hard getting up..but finally my eyes opened and I turned to the really bright bed alarm clock and..its 10!!
Up, make-up on and Harajuku-style clothes and accessories bcos we are going to meet my former collegues at SSFF&Asia today!!

Oh, thats right! Last night, walking around in Shinjuku..thats HUGE, we stumble in on a festival at a shrine!!
Alot of people in yukata (cotton kimono) dancing around a stage with a lady singing and two guys drumming!
Next to it was small food stands and we bought a couple and sat down at the stair of the shrine and just had a great time.
I love when you just tumble in to these kinds of things unplanned!

Well, seeing my collegues again was great even if it took some time before we got there!
I had FB contact with my “boss” and he told us which station and exit to go to and I told him the time but we missed eachother anyway and THEN..
(abit stressed out I might ad) I went in to a Starbucks and asked a japanese girl if she could help me JAPANESE!!
Hm.. it took me some time though to finally get her to understand what I ment but still!
So now I will get a keitai (cell phone) so that I can reach people more easily:)

I might ad that the office have moved since I worked there in 2007, thats why I couldnt find it myself.. so thats clear:) And now its in HARAJUKU!!
But to see them again.. I was so happy! And for them to meet Johan! We also got to see a Shortfilm (ofcourse though its one of the biggest Shortfilm Festival Offices in the WORLD) and it was great about Korean actors in Japan!

Well.. have to go! Need to meet up with Eri and get my self a phone!



Today Im tired, tskareta!
The jet lag is there poking me, it´s cloudy outside and Im LOVING IT!
After draging my tired self into the small bathtub, putting my lenses in so that I dont feel totally druged and getting a delisious make-up on, Im ready for our goal for today… HARAJUKU!

So, first some breakfast at DOUDOU and then down to Shinjuku eki for some JR-ride with the Yamanote line to Harajuku ❤
It all comes back to me and I feel so good knowing my way around!
Today its Tuesday (Kayoubi desu) and the time is…? I really need to get a watch.
Well its early and stepping out in Harajuku at the platform where all the cosplaying youths are (usually), they are nowhere to be found.
Maybe because they are in school still:)

Well, at Takeshita Dori its full with people as always.
They also have CREPES!! Oh the smells take you to candy heaven:)
For you who doesnt know, Takeshita Dori is the street that Harajuku is all about!
Well at least for young people and tourists that want to get the feeling of crazy stores with clothes, purikura booths, brands such as Wivienne Westwood, Cherie and where you can eat CREPES! The smell is not hard to find and when you do its like beeing in heaven:)
Even my boyfriend Johan thought this was better then he imagined. And that is harajuku for you in a nutshell!

BUT.. you cant just stop there! You have Harajuku street (URAHARA) which is the “backside” of Harajuku where you find these awesome
rare, small stores that gives you great japanese fashion you cant find anywhere else!
Walking around you finally get out at Omotesando Dori. There you have stores as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Chanel and more for you with a bigger budget then me.
But if you want to still walk around, becouse you just love this district and cant get enough, you go down a small street between these expensive stores and you find ANNA SUI, Kiddy Land and much more! So great just to walk around.

After walking around you finally come to Meiji Dori and there you have La Foret! A huge fashion mall which is….CLOSED??
Nandesuka?? How can a huge mall like this be closed or is my japanese that bad? But is say that 2-3rd August something something and a guard is standing outside the entrance!

Well, that just means we need to go back to Harajuku some other day and really, I dont mind at all:)

Oh, and I bought a watch today! At ZONA LIBERATA!
The first thing except for food I bought since we got here!!! Which was 2 days…
If you were here you would get what Im saying when I say its haaaaard not to shop…iiih.

To get a break from all this crazy shooping-mode, we walked in to Meiji-Jingue Shrine!
This is a shinto shrine just behind Harajuku station but its like entering another world!
Everything is green, acctually birds are singing together with tree crickets, and its so calm!
Just outside the temple yard you wash your hands and mouth with running water from a well and cleanses your mind.
A 5Yen is good to have to throw in this wooden box before you bow twice, then clap your hands twice and loud and then you wish or pray befor you bow a last time and leaves. I love this and you see so many japanese, old togehter with young, coming here and pray for good luck on a test, for good health, safe trip and more!

Now the time here is …. well I need to figure out how my watch work first, but on the bed watch it says 17:02 and after yet another shower (did I say its humid here) we will get out again and Johan will buy some records and I will not buy anything… I WONT!

So, Konnichiwa, konbawa and oyasumi nasai (good day, evening and good night) if I dont write some more later!

Harajuku 8/2-11

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