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Hanabi 花火!
Its the season for firework festivals in Japan and I love this♡
Since I was little there is something special about getting out in the dark, bringing a blanket to sit on and all of a sudden the sky burst into different colours and shapes;)

In Tokyo I have been to Sumida River but in My city in Sweden we just had a festival also 😉

20130819-081824 em.jpg

Not as much colours but still beautiful!
In Japan its traditional to wear a Yukata when going to a Hanabi.
Here is a video showing How to wear a Yukata

Hotaru Matsuri – Firefly festival

Today, or yesterday because Im writing so late, was a Firefly festival celebrated in Japan.
Hotaru Matsuri

In 2012 Panasonic added 100.000 lanterns in Sumida River in Tokyo, where apparently a long time ago You could catch fireflies!

Such a beautiful event I think. Just near Tokyo Sky Tree!

20130526-124215 fm.jpg

My nails will represent colourful fireflies today!

20130526-124316 fm.jpg

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