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Meeting with a supermodel in IRL

I love destiny!
When it feels like things happend for à reason!
Just this week for instance, when Im at an International music conference, Trigger, at the center of Swedens biggest Music festival Peace & Love.

There I am, sitting together with the biggest names in the Music bransch, with Seymore Stain – the one who signed Madonna and Depeche Mode.

And there she is: Anina, a model with a passion for technology
She is a top model living in China, and have won the “oscar” for beeing Chinas biggest International model in 2009.
She has been featured in L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, AMICA, MARIE CLAIRE, IO DONNA, HARPER’S BAZAR, and worked with world renowned fashion photographers such as Javier Valhonrath, Fabrizio Ferri, Toni Meneguzzo, and Walter Chin.

When she enters the stage after all these suites from the Music business, she looks like a beautiful and fragile flower, but when she start talking.. I get goosbumps all over just to think about it. Her energy, her passion and her believes in technology with fashion and Music blows My mind.

Download her App Anina Dress Up and 360Fashion for a new, more exciting world.

I know I will do my best to try as hard as she when it comes to Toki100%.



Last weekend in Tokyo.. for this time

Pre-Halloween in Tokyo

Tokyo Halloween

Im sorry Im writing this so late, but I need to tell you about my last weekend in Tokyo before reality and my trip back to Sweden takes ahold of me. The picture above is from my Sayonara party! I had it together with my darling friend Bameis birthday party.
A funny note; tanyoubi, which means birthday in japanse has a funny meaning, which ofcourse is congratulations for being born BUT also sayonara because you get departured from your mother. SO, this collaboration of Birthday party and Sayonara party went under the name TANYOUBI PARTY! ❤

This was the weekend before Halloween but I really love dress out/up so we had a pre-halloween theme and I was one from the Night of the living dolls.

The evening started 7pm in Roppongi at OZ CAFE

tanyoubi party

Bamei Tanyoubi party

then we ended up at HEARTLAND around 11pm


Emma with manga-girl

(which is a place for gaijins, that means loud drunk forigners that wants to score with Japanese girls)

then fast away to another bar I don´t remember the name of until 2.30am

Bar in Roppongi

Bar in Roppongi

and then to Shimokitazawa to a very small, gorgeous, wonderful little sidewalk izakaya where we hanged out until 5am and my first morning train went back home to Komazawa.

Shimokita hangout

Izakaya at Shimokita


Izakaya in Shimokita

A SUGOI evening/night/morning with wonderful friends!

I slept 3 hours and then up and away to Shinjuku for photoshoot with NANA EMMA that studies fashion design, and I got to wear clothes from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD! Do you know the manga/anime NANA? I wear the same jacket as her! So awesome! (^ ^)


NANA animation + Vivienne Westwood jacket

photoshoot vivienne westwood

Photoshoot Vivienne Westwood jacket

What a surreal day!

Then studygroup in Shimokita at my friend Sams place and then VIP-party at Roppongi Hills at Grand Hyatt.
Tokyo International Film Festival was this week and I was invited of my former workplace ShortShorts Film Festival
to celebrate this amazing animator and the Animations made out of his short stories and life,


Tatsumi - a legendary mangaka


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