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Back to my love, with my love

Im here! I havn´t left you, I have just been super busy with work.
Its eating all my time and Im sorry.
I will be better from now (^-^)

My appearence in Nkpg Style really did it for my sock-business and Im all out of stock now!
I really love the pictures sweet Lina Steen helped me take with her boyfriend Victor Bisgaard (which also happends to be the singer in Atmosfear, great Swedish band)

Im also really excited about a project together with e-talentbank, ánd I believe that 2012 will be a really exciting year. ALTHOUGH I just turned the big 30!
Yup, Im officially…. older.
But hey, I dont care.. I think;)

Well, I had the very best bday ever and I might just say that my boyfriend really are pushing the limits for what we spend on eachothers gift… A TICKET TO TOKYO IN 2012!

This year I will be there for the cherry blossoms ❤
And also going to some businessmeetings which makes this trip over the top.

What kind of J-brands would you like to have in Sweden, northern europe?
Give me a heads up before springtime.

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