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Onespo 2.0

So, more about My favourite brand in Shibuya! Or one of My favourite.. NO, no its My favourite.

ONESPO in Shibuya 109

Kawaii.i writes about ONESPO and here, just read some more.

This is My ONESPO items in My closet♥

20130824-113359 fm.jpg

20130824-113408 fm.jpg

20130824-113414 fm.jpg

onespo Shibuya 109

My favourite store in Shibuya 109 is onespo

Check it out!*\(^o^)/*
And if you go to Tokyo, don’t miss this!
Just enter Hachiko Exit at Shibuya station and cross the street straight forward and you see Shibuya 109 straight ahead!


I’ve got 4 if you count My wings on each ankle separately.
These make it hard for me to visit any onsen (hot springs) in Japan.. But these does’nt:

20130819-081946 fm.jpg

20130819-082005 fm.jpg

20130819-082020 fm.jpg
I just am crazy about this!!
Your lips gets all crazy colourful and jummy(o^^o)
I bought these at Marui, Shibuya.
Marui is abit fancier, more expensive shoppingmall with petite clothes (if you are 176cm tall). But in one floor I found these and also they have great shoes 😉

20130819-082857 fm.jpg
Nails is just HUGE in Japan and you can get these nail tattoos everywhere!
I got these specifik ones in Shibuya109 i think♡

20130819-083153 fm.jpg

20130819-083205 fm.jpg
And at last, Tattoo for your eyes!
I have used up all My eyeliner tattoos but these are just crazy(^O^)
I found these at Parco if I’m not wrong.

All of these delicious tattoos are for sale so if you are in Sweden 1st of September, join My Toki100 Closet Sale – StreetGyaru Style \(^o^)/

Sock of the day

Well hello! おはようございます^o^
Today is Sunday and we celebrate MRj who turnes 28 today!

My outfit for today:

20130818-122400 em.jpg
Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Aunty Rosa

Today I also opened a brand new package of stockings I bought in Harajuku, just to get some edge to My StreetGyaru style ☆
What do you think?

20130818-123621 em.jpg

20130818-123627 em.jpg

I little mix of Sweden and Japanese style.. Just pick the things you be happy from and put them together and you will be Street.. StreetGyaru♥

Joypolis & WOMB: Last Friday in Tokyo

20130511-040907 fm.jpg
Today we went to a manmade island called Odaiba that is just on the coast from Tokyo.

To get there, and yes you should, from Shibuya (Yamanote Line) you go to Shimbashi. Takes 20min!

Then you change to Yurikamome Line and you get to Odaiba island 🙂

20130511-041529 fm.jpg
(I know, its on the side but Its 4.15pm in the morning after clubbing at Womb)

A good “get off place” in Odaiba is Daiba.
Get out here and You get to Joypolis which is an amusementpark indoors!!
Its awesome!!

20130511-042059 fm.jpg

20130511-042119 fm.jpg

20130511-042141 fm.jpg

Cost ¥3.900 (about 250 SEK) for admission and pass for all the rides and YES you will earn that money back in rides;)

So, sleep now!!
Oyasumi-Nasai (Good night)

Back in Tokyo #5

OMG Im back!*\(^o^)/*
Im back for the 5th time in my beloved Tokyo and one really good part this time is that we are staying in SHIBUYA!
(you know; Hachiko, Hachiko Crossing, Centa Gai, 109..)

20130425-114408 em.jpg
The trip took all and all 14h and when you already have a jetlag from NYC where I were just one week before this trip and add 7h to that, I now have 14h jetlag(°_°)
No wonder I slept for 14h the first night^_−☆.

We have been here now for 3 days (and have 18 more to go*\(^o^)/*やった!

Some shops I think you shouldn’t miss while you are here in wonderland is;
(Got this earing there today!)

20130425-115157 em.jpg

Anna Sui (yes I know it might sound expensive but the ¥ is so good right now so I this year is the first time in 6 years since I first visited Tokyo that I could afford it!!!) pics will come.

Yes I have a strange love for this store and brand but its just so sweet and crazy + you will meet Vani in person when you walk in the store and she is in alot of TokyoFashion snaps from Harajuku!!

I got alot from there but more pics come later(o^^o)

20130426-120009 fm.jpg

20130426-120018 fm.jpg

20130426-120025 fm.jpg

Now, Im going to eat some たこやき and sleep sweet dreams in the best city in the world♥

20130426-120256 fm.jpg

Just Nu – right now – 今

Im in a fashionmagazine here in Swden called Just nu (Right now/ 今)
They ask me about where I bought my clothes and what I think my style is, which I say street/gyaru, which means that im a girly-girl, loves shopping and planning events for similar minded as me ❤

Im at page 5/6.

Check it out


Well, what Im about to say may come as a shock to you… BUT I JUST LOVE TOKYO ❤

3 days we have been here and let me tell you, I have a pretty full schedule;)
Johan has kinda hard jetlag so he sleeps until noon so tomorrow, Saturday, we will set the alarm:)

So far we have:
Settled in Shinjuku
Been to Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Ebisu
Met my teachers at my school, my classmates and my darling Saori and Koji ❤
We have been eating the best food ever at izakaya, fishrestaurant, Yoshinoya, icecream, sashimi mmm

Johan has been (only) buying 18 vinyls and I have not yet come into my shoppingspree (maybe a litte).

Tomorrow Johan will have his first gig in Japan at
Bar Jam

It will be crazy as it should be at the best place in the world!

Stay tuned for more news ne!

Mad weekend in Tokyo

So, why is it that weekends here are the craziest things? Well ofcource I have had crazy weekends out of Tokyo to but here its every weekends for 2,5 months! (which means that I will go home in about 2,5 weeks!)

This Saturday was 5 years since my mother passed away so I tried to take it easy during the day.. but later I ended up in Ebisu at BarJam, which is a crazy bar, and ended up with more people I hanged out with until 08.00 in the morning! Then sleep for about 1 hour, then eat something and get ready to meet up a student I will tutor in Shibuya for 1 hour.. then Im going to Ebisu again and hang out at my sweetest Saoris appartment where she gives me food and shaves my head.. well, only a part of it anyway!:) And then Back home with the last train, up after 5 hours to get extensions (bcos that is something you just HAVE to get here). Then I had a meeting with the lovely Alice who is an Italian artist and does great artwork. We were talking about collaborating in the future so that was great! Then we walked to Harajuku and went to 6%DOKIDOKI and the lovely girl in there recognized me and said that I should send them another I did! And after that.. after all that (and Im talking about Monday now, bcos we have a holiday here this monday) I slept for 11 hours to wake up to Tuesday.. a lovely day in Tokyo which Im about to leav home for school! Just a crazy crazy CRAZY time in Tokyo.. Oh. i also found out what I will be for my pre-Halloween-Sayonara party!! The theme.. Night of the living doll:P

Tokyo-white keitai and a modell

My white cellphone

keitai, cellphone, white, Tokyo-white

So yesterday was crazy as ever! It all started when I was walking down to Komazawa station to catch my train to Shibuya! Two girls where coming up to me and said hi and asked there I was from and because Im so tall if I were a modell:) After having a all-japanese conversation explaining that I was a student here they told me that their friend had a modell.walking class that I was invited to if I wanted! So funny and maybe I should just do it for the fun of it..what the heck;)

School was great today and even if its alot to figure out and a test coming up this monday I really enjoying this course!

So humid out today that Its crazy but after getting back home after school, studying abit and then pinned my hair up I went to Ebisu and met my very lovely friend Saori! I have never really been to Ebisu before but god its beautiful and the people here are so chick and stylish and they have beer gardens!! Yeah I know I dont drink beer, but still the idea of sitting on a rooftop sounds pretty good to me:)

Having a great meal at this mexican restaurant, also on a rooftop, I went back home.. so I thought! You really have to be careful about which train you step on to because what I thought was the right train (and also the last though its around midnight and the trains stop at that time) I just passed Komazawa in a rapid speed I though.. OK.. what will I do now! You can feel really lost here sometimes BUT I just stepped out on the next station, going to the opposite line to go back and finally I got the right train! Back home, I had so much energy so I started to pimp my keitai (cellphone) and as you see: Its Tokyo-white!!;)

A beautiful day in a beautiful Tokyo-white world!

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