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KAMAKURA = beach

Oh my god this day has been perfect! Sunny, sticky and sandy YES but so worth it!:) We went to kamakura today that are famous for their huge bronze Buddha, rice cakes and their BEACH! We say the Buddha which was huge (picture up on my FB, emma.wallqvist) and the beach…the BEACH!! Im just stunned! So uncredible hot, sunny and there is pacific ocean! Walking with my bare feets in the water, watching tanned japaneese! I could easy go here next weekend for just laying on the beach, bathing and watching japanese tanned people:) Gorgeous!

We walked out to Enoshima Island where they have alot of shrines up the hill to a park with a tower you can go up and se 360-view of the beach!!!

So amazing! It took us all day long but it was so worth all sand I have on me now and the saltwater stuck everywhere for this!

A lovely lovely day in Kamakura this Wednesday ❤

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