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I just GOT to link you to Fangophilia

20130925-110439 fm.jpg
Its so new their website is under construction as we speak!

But later, check in Fangophilia

For now, get inspired by this photos:
A new era of jewlery with a touch of fangs

20130925-110713 fm.jpg

20130925-110723 fm.jpg

20130925-110733 fm.jpg

Have a great wednesday everybody

Todays StreetGyaru

Konnichiwa this great Monday!
I have just had the best of company at My dinnertable. Miss Elli from East FM radiostation was over and interviewed me about My fascination about Japan and about My style, which we know is … StreetGyaru!

Always happy to talk about what I love.

Todays StreetGyaru is Vivi which stands for Vivid Vi Vrant.

20130923-025123 em.jpg

She is a wellknown designer in Harajuku and designs crazy eyelashes!

20130923-025458 em.jpg

She has a great mix of brands and clothes for this Manic Monday!

So thanx Elli and Vivi for bringing inspiration to this day, and watch out on for My interview (in Swedish though)! (o^^o)

Evangelion Tights!

Well all of you that love Evangelion

check this out!!!


24th of April these cool tights will be out for me to buy, bcos I will arrive 22nd;)

Anything you want me to buy and sell at Toki100%?



After two days of rainy weather and no inspiration I found my look for 2011!
This girl has it all. She is cute, sweet, cool and right! Her socks are darling and similare to the one from tutuannaIve got in store.(sold here at my blog)

With crazy cute socks you need awesom shoes to complete you feet and a brand I really recommend is brandos. Check it out and get inspired for a crazy summer of socks.

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