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So, my server have been off but now it seems to work again!
Yesterday we visited Tsukiji, one of the worlds biggest fishmarkets and its sugoi! So big and so much amazing things that live in the water that we dont know of.. not me at least! You go really early in the morning so we had sushi at the market as breakfast! But that is also the best sushi you could ever eat so Im happy! Later we went out in the city of Shinjuku and looked at people, becous what else is there to do, and played some archade games and ate ramen soup which is oishiiiii;) I also booked a time at Sinden. A hairsaloon Ive been going to before in Tokyo which is really great AND now they do nails AND makeup to! Maybe I will do everything..why not! Im in Tokyo!

But today, wednesday, we will go on a day-trip to Kamakura! 30min south from Tokyo this gorgeous small city is and they are famous for their beach!! And for alot of tempels and shrines along the beach! We will hop on a local train and go along and see all the beauty this small and unique city has to offer! Its to hard to be walking around in the middle of the day anyway.. I even got a nasty burn..but just on my arms and legs and Im white as a polarbear on the rest of my body! Kawaii? I say not!

Now, lunch!
Dono yo ni watashi wa kamakura ni iku nodesu ka?

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